The FASTEST WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022

 The fastest wordpress hosting vendors in 2022

I likely don’t need to inform you, whilst a internet site is gradual to load you fast lose persistence and click away. your very own site isn’t any exceptional.

Through our employer we’ve have labored on 4000+ sites assisting them with wordpress speed optimization and have tried 100s over distinctive web hosting vendors through the years.

In this post i’ll percentage the quickest wordpress hosts we’ve discovered, why we use them and which hosts are maximum appropriate for which sort of sitesDue to the fact no longer all hosts are created similarly and not all hosts may be suitable for the sort of web page you are jogging.

Publish summary:

The fastest (and first-class!) wordpress hosts we have found after trying 100s of various hosts all throughout the web.

Fast wordpress website hosting

WordPress hosts we in reality use & have first hand enjoy with

No bad high-quality shared hosts which have consistent downtime

High overall performance hosts which could scale as your business grows

Carriers to healthy a variety of budgets

FastestWordpress hosting (summary)

Siteground – nicely priced, fast, amazing for small sites or when you have lots of websites. consists of electronic mail website hosting, lots of flexibility.

Cloudways – one of the quickest due to their velocity optimized server stack, begins at $10/mo, endorse the usage of with cloudflare’s apo carrier ($5/mo) – get $25 free credit score with coupon code fasthosting – a more recent contender, fast stack, bundled with cloudflare enterprise, better charge but consists of additional services andFeatures

Kinsta – the quickest controlled wordpress host in the list, bundled with cloudflare enterprise also, redis object caching available as an choice. properly option for big wordpress sites or websites with complexity.

Wpengine – another rapid controlled host however we do not suggest for woocommerce websites due to bizarre caching setup.

Wpx web hosting – a high-quality host for smaller nearby businesses, associate and content material web sites, some overblown claims approximately being the fastest host because of skewed take a look at outcomes.Might no longer suggest for larger sites or woocommerce because of loss of server sources.

These are the hosts we generally recommend to clients, extra information on every are in addition down inside the submit.

Most people choose a hosting issuer based on rate but when you care approximately overall performance, search engine optimization ratings and having a domain that makes cash or generates leads it’s a horrific concept.

Not all hosts are the equal and some web sites will carry out higher on a few hosts versus other – e.g. a host that might be incredible for anAffiliate internet site is probably terrible for a woocommerce internet site

Why is speed essential?

If you’ve accomplished any looking around the internet round website pace or fast wordpress hosting you’ll see a group of horrifying stats thrown around. you’ll see such things as “each 1 2nd of speed equates to one% much less conversion fee” and comparable.

I don’t understand how accurate these numbers are, or the checking out method being used however i’m guessing we are able to each agree quicker web sites=better, right?

There’s without a doubt noArgument about whether or not pace is vital, it’s even part of google’s seek set of rules, quicker loading web sites rank better!

WordPress emblem

The fastest wordpress hosting providers facet-by means of-facet:

The quickest wordpress website hosting corporations in detail

We’ve damaged down the specs and details on every host we advocate underneath.

In case you scroll down similarly in this web page we’ve got explained the important thing features to study while evaluating which host is proper for you – take some time to dig into that listing asFrequently easy things like server region are absolutely omitted in terms of selecting a quick host.

1. siteground – the fastest trendy cause net hosting

Siteground is the quickest hosting for wordpress & generally the first-rate desire

Siteground is a popular host and of this list might be the high-quality all rounder. in the beyond they have been extra of a reasonably-priced cpanel host but in 2020 moved to google cloud and still have a custom control panel.

It’s a strong option in case you’re on a rather tight price rangeAnd out of the field it’s pretty speedy due to their “supercacher” feature.

Siteground is also a incredible alternative if you have quite a few small sites or need a reseller alternative for jogging patron websites. when you begin getting severe visitors numbers you in all likelihood need to begin searching at using cloudflare apo ($five/mo according to site)

Click play at the audio below for a detailed siteground evaluation audio participant



Coupon code: get 73% off with a yearly plan using our hyperlink

Priced from: $three.99 month(special price)

Disk area starts at: 10gb

Backup gadget: each day backup

Traffic quota starts at: limitless visitors, for excessive traffic sites you truly need to be the use of cloudflare – they also have their own these days released cdn

Admin console: custom panel – if you’ve used plesk or cpanel you’ll be very secure

Information middle: 6 records facilities: london uk, singapore, us (iowa), europe (germany & amsterdam), sydney australia, madrid spain


One of the quickest general reason hosts on theNet

6 properly placed locations to pick from

Helps greater than just wordpress

Dirt reasonably-priced on the base plan

Lots of features and few regulations in comparison to different managed hosts

Has memcached for item caching so a few overall performance increase for cpu heavy web sites like woocommerce & membership web sites


In case you’re going to host a whole lot of websites the cheap plans won’t reduce it (form of obvious!)

There may be a weird quirk with cloudflare integration – if your website online runs without a www in the deal with you may not be ableTo apply their direct cloudflare integration. notice they now have their very own cdn solution even though for overall performance we suggest you operate your very own cloudflare account with cloudflare’s apo service at $five/month.

More details at

Quickest wordpress web hosting 4 2022

Quickest wordpress website hosting 6 2022

2. cloudways – the quickest wordpress hosting on rate vs performance foundation

Cloudways is the fastest website hosting for wordpress & typically the first-class choice

Cloudways is a piece one of a kind to maximum differentCarriers in the market. in a nutshell you get dedicated server hosting without the complexity related to running your own vps or dedicated server.

They provide over 60 extraordinary places with five different companies – linode, vultr, digitalocean, amazon and google. (maximum providers handiest use one provider, eg wpengine & kinsta each use google as their center company).

Because it’s distinctly configurable, scalable and also you get devoted server sources, cloudways is the quickest wp web hosting companyOn the web right now.

Click play at the audio under to hear a more detailed review on cloudwaysaudio player



Coupon code: fasthosting – receives you $25 credit score (kind of 3 months free on the bottom plan!)

Priced from: $10 usd in line with month

Disk space starts offevolved at: 25 gb

Backup gadget: from 1 hour to each 7 days + guide backup

Visitors quota starts at: 1 tb (1000 gb)

Admin console: custom

Facts centers: 60+ locations! which includes us, united kingdom, singapore, japan, korea, australia, canada, ireland,Netherlands, germany, france & many more!

Why they is probably the first-rate wordpress hosting choice for you:


Excessive overall performance, committed server energy without the complexity

Big quantity of places throughout numerous unique middle companies

High configurable

Brilliant price

Helps more than simply wordpress

Very flexible in configuration capability

On all but the simple plans you get redis object caching + the wordpress object cache seasoned plugin – this will help dramatically accelerate databaseHeavy web sites like woocommerce


Moderate learning curve in case you’re used to cpanel (they use their own panel)

Speedy growing organization so help nice can vary at instances

Signup procedure at the internet site may be a piece clunky

Extra info at

Fastest wordpress hosting nine 2022

Fastest wordpress web hosting 11 2022

Three. rocket.internet – fast with area caching constructed in

Fastest wordpress web hosting thirteen 2022

Rapid wordpress host with facet caching from cloudflare built right in!

Priced from: $30/mo

DiskSpace starts offevolved at: 5gb

Backup gadget: automated day by day backups and guide backup points

Admin console: custom


Edge caching built in

Fully managed wp host

Good for higher traffic sites


Better priced

Not exquisite flexible

Weird traffic version (charging for “visits”)

More info at rocket.internet


Fastest wordpress hosting 15 2022

Quickest wordpress hosting 17 2022

Four. kinsta – excellent controlled wordpress hosting & remarkable alternative to wpengine

Kinsta is the quickest website hosting for wordpress &Typically the exceptional choice

Kinsta could be very much like wp engine and additionally built on top of the google cloud platform. they may be a controlled wordpress host, especially scalable and good for mid to large size sites.

Overall performance is much like wpengine and it’s honestly the characteristic set that separates them.

Priced from: $30/mo

Disk space begins at: 5gb

Backup system: computerized day by day backups and guide backup factors

Traffic quota starts at: 20000 visits in line with month

Admin console: custom

Records centers: us, uk,Australia, belgium, tiawan, brazil, singapore, tokyo, india, canada, netherlands, finland, hong kong, switzerland, osaka


Big range of locations consisting of locations other companies do not cover

Fully managed wp host

Top for higher visitors sites


Higher priced

Now not high-quality flexible

More info at

Quickest wordpress web hosting 20 2022

Quickest wordpress web hosting 22 2022

5. wp engine – the quality managed wordpress web hosting

Wp engine is the quickest hosting for wordpress & generallyThe fine choice

Wp engine is considered one of the largest controlled wordpress hosts and become one of the first. this is a great alternative when you have a complex website online and want staging and development environments, git integration and a higher backend.

It’s a lot more function wealthy than a number of the other hosts and the charge tag displays that. in case you’re price range sensitive then cloudways may be a higher option for you.


Coupon code: wpe20off(20% off month 1)

Priced from: $35/mo

Disk space starts offevolved at: 10gb

BackupGadget: guide backups and nightly automatic backups

Visitors quota starts offevolved at: 50gb

Admin console: custom

Data facilities: us, united kingdom, australia, canada, germany, eire, belgium, taiwan, tokyo


Completely managed wordpress hosting

Simple to use backend

Big range of places

Precise for better site visitors sites


Higher priced

Now not outstanding bendy

Greater details at

Quickest wordpress hosting 25 2022

Quickest wordpress hosting 27 2022

6. wpx web hosting – the quickest web hosting for bloggers &Affiliate entrepreneurs

Wpx is the fastest web hosting for wordpress & generally the pleasant preference

Wpx hosting provide controlled wordpress web hosting at a remarkable rate. their wpx cloud cdn carrier does something referred to as facet caching so on some overall performance tests they will rating extremely high!

Their cdn basically caches entire copies of webpages on the cdn nodes which may be a massive velocity enhance if you’re targeting a global target audience.

Wpx is a fantastic option for blogs and content material sites like associate sites thatDon’t need big amounts of processing energy and are concentrated on a worldwide audience. in case you’re walking a website that does quite a few processing or a woocommerce site with large quantities of site visitors they may be likely no longer the pleasant choice for you in this listing.

Coupon code: wpspeedfix(50% off month 1)

Priced from:$24.99/mo (if paid month-to-month); $20.83/mo (if paid yearly)

Disk area starts offevolved at: 10gb

Backup system: manual backups and nightly automatic backups

Site visitors quota starts offevolved at: 100gb

Admin console:Whmcs

Statistics centers: america + united kingdom website hosting places

Nice price managed wp host, top for small to mid length sites


Dust cheap for controlled wordpress website hosting

One of the fastest managed wp hosts

Excessive first-class assist

Correct for upto mid variety websites


No asia or australia coverage

Greater information at

Quickest wordpress website hosting 30 2022

Quickest wordpress website hosting 32 2022

How do i pick out the pleasant wordpress website hosting issuer for me?

Lamentably the majority select a hosting providerPrimarily based on charge which isn’t always definitely the first-class manner to do it.

In the end with web hosting you get what you pay for. price is glaringly one of the considerations to have a look at when selecting a issuer however that is really best one element of many. in this web page i’ve summarized the important thing capabilities or things we look for when choosing a website hosting company.

Click play under to hear an audio walk-thru and more extensive rationalization of what you bear in mind whilst deciding on a provider. alternatively click here for an mp3Audio or scroll down for a youtube powered player



Is server location crucial?

Server location is fundamental and negative place choice is a not unusual hassle we see. it’s actually essential which you host inside the geographic region that is closest to the majority of your visitors.

Which means in case you’re an australian corporation serving primarily australian clients you want to host at a vicinity in australia. in case you’re a us company, then host within the us and a europe based totally commercial enterprise thenHost in europe.

Usually the site will run zero.5-1 second slower while the traveler visitors has to move an ocean so that is truly critical!

Now not all vendors offer web hosting in all locations so earlier than committing to a company make certain the servers are positioned inside the right vicinity for your business.

**word if you’re serving an global target market then it’s truely essential you operate a content material shipping community (cdn). a cdn is a distributed community of servers around the arena that host yourContent so as to reduce the impact geographic place has on speed. maximum top tier hosts have cdn services constructed in.

Pace, reliability and uptime

Glaringly if you’re in this page you know that website online velocity is virtually critical however most of the people forget about uptime and reliability which are arguably even extra crucial, after all, in case your website online is down is efficaciously has zero pace!

Your hosting needs to be well matched to the quantity of traffic you’re anticipating and the order volume you’re cateringFor. if your store revenue is inside the tens of millions then you definitely’ll want a miles larger server to in shape.

Do not count on to run a excessive traffic web page or a database heavy web site on cheap web hosting or a low cease plan. make sure the plan is suits to the visitors level you’re assume.

Sidenote: we use to test internet site speed. in a really perfect international your web site ought to be loading in below 1 second (where the load starts offevolved to sense immediately). we additionally use to screen web site uptime.


What is yourHelp expectation?

In some unspecified time in the future you’re going to want guide. do you count on to have the ability to name your provider whilst the website is down? do you count on them on the way to help with general technical issues that are not strictly associated with website hosting? being clear with what your expectation is up front is simply crucial.

You are now not going to get a high stage of assist paying a couple of bucks a month – it’s simply not commercially possible. ensure you aspect inside the level of assist you need whileSelecting a plan.

In case you’re a larger store doing millions in revenue you’ll ideally need your personal devoted wordpress dev assets on pinnacle of what the hosting issuer offers.

Patching & security

Your website cms is not any unique to your smartphone or laptop. it desires everyday patches and updates to make certain insects are looked after and security holes are patched.

A few hosting vendors provide patching as part of their service, others anticipate you to take care of it. backside line, patching desires to bePerformed by means of a person!

What web hosting plan specs & features must i select or do i need?

Most hosting plans will offer roughly the same specs and functions however often there are a few subtle differences. a few essential factors regularly neglected are backup systems, support and storage space. we’ve got supplied more in this web page beneath.

Capabilities which can be really worth thinking about are:

Unfastened ssl certificates – all correct hosts provide unfastened ssl certificates and ssl/https is preferred across the internet now. any host you’re searchingAt need to guide loose ssl certs.

Http2 protocol support – that is an critical pace attention. a host that doesn’t aid http2 isn’t jogging updated servers and should be averted.

Hypertext Preprocessor 7.x aid – your host at a minimal should help php v7.0 and ideally the newer v7.1 and seven.2. the Hypertext Preprocessor version your web hosting instances are walking could have a dramatic impact on web page pace. newer variations run quicker.

Wide variety of wordpress instances or domains supported – how many websites do you want to runOn the plan? a few companies give you one example, a few a handful and a few limitless.

Storage and disk space – how lots disk area are you going to need? most websites aren’t virtually that huge, 10-20gb is normally masses for even larger websites.

Site visitors quota – how tons site visitors or quota do you want in your website? some hosts rate on raw gigabytes or terabytes transferred, a few on real site visitors.

Backups – this might be one of the maximum crucial features so we’ve extended in addition in the pointUnderneath.

Cpanel – cpanel is a hosting control console. some hosts use/offer cpanel and a few use exceptional management interfaces. this virtually shouldn’t be a whole lot of a consideration because all admin panels allow you to do more or less the same thing however for a few human beings this is important.

Mysql server version aid – v5.7 is the latest version of square server, the database server wordpress makes use of. v5.7 can be considerably quicker than v5.6 for *some* styles of web sites so in case you’re interested in absoluteMost overall performance that is essential.


What’s your backup strategy? there’s so much virtual capital tied up in your website that it’s essential which you at least have a few backup device in location taking day by day backups.

On larger web sites preferably you’ll want to look at realtime or close to realtime backup solutions in which the website online is subsidized up upon every trade or on an hourly foundation.

With backups there may be a announcing, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. what’s the is implying is that it is no longer sensible to rely totallyOn one backup machine.

With all our search engine optimization employer clients we run two backup structures – generally the hosting the website is on has a backup after which we normally use blogvault on top of the web hosting backup.

Blogvault is by using far our favourite backup answer as it has a realtime choice in which adjustments are subsidized up at the web page as they occur (ideal for woocommerce) and they particularly tell you which documents and database tables are not being backed up.

We have used quite a lot every important backup plugin onThe markup – backup pal, vaultpress, updraft, backwpup and a bunch of others – blogvault is definitely the best one we consider.

It’s now not exact sufficient to totally rely on the website hosting company’s backup as issues and records loss do happen. even a reasonably successful website may have 100s if not hundreds of thousands of hours invested in it together with seo ratings and optimizations – maximum agencies nowadays genuinely cannot manage to pay for facts loss so at much less than 10 greenbacks a month for the bottom plan there is sincerely no excuse.

HowDo i take a look at my internet site velocity?

There’s plenty of various approaches to test web page pace and masses of tools in the marketplace – strive – it’s going to come up with distinct hints on in which your website online pace is proper now and how to enhance it.

Keep away from regarded gradual website hosting companies

Like i said at the top, you get what you pay for with regards to web hosting. you absolutely can not expect a best hosting carrier whilst you’re paying a few bucks a month.

These hosts are known to be sluggish hosts and need to bePrevented if speed is your top priority:

Bluehost, godaddy, hostgator, any web hosting enterprise owned with the aid of eig, dreamhost, a2 web hosting, site5, ipage, 1&1 website hosting.

Those men all run a commercial enterprise model this is primarily based on price being the important thing function. on the way to provide you with that $three/month hosting plan they run their servers to absolutely the restriction, don’t keep infrastructure updated and provide negative best assist. avoid them if speed is vital. if price is an vital issue, siteground and cloudways areEach speedy and dust reasonably-priced.


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