sathuragiri hills open date 2024 | 2024 ஆண்டிற்கான சதுரகிரி மலை ஏறுவதற்கான அனுமதி எப்போது?

sathuragiri trekking open date in 2024

(sathuragiri open 2024 timings)

(sathuragiri open date 2024) Usually one can see Lord Shiva only after climbing 7 to 8 kilometers to visit Lord Shiva in Sathuragiri hill. But it is only four days a month that devotees are allowed to climb the Chathuragiri hill. In this situation, the question among the people is when the permission for Chathuragiri hill darshan for this year (2024) will be given. (sathuragiri trekking 2024).

2024 When is the permission to climb Chathuragiri hill? (sathuragiri malai open 2024)

Sathuragiri hill which is allowed only 4 days in a month is allowed to climb the mountain (sathuragiri open 2024) for devotees till two days of this year’s new moon and two full moon days (eg first day of new moon and new moon day if new moon falls in February). Similarly, information has been released that the permission for this year’s sathuragiri trek is going to be given on Shivratri (March 8 2024). (sathuragiri opening months 2024) But according to some people, the permission to climb the sathuragiri mountain for the year 2024 is said to be permitted on many days such as new moon and full moon in February. Be that as it may, it brings happiness among the devotees to visit Lord Shiva in 1 month. (Sathuragiri in 2024).

Sathuragiri open date 2024

Dos and Don’ts for Sathuragiri Hill Climb

(2024 sathuragiri open date)

sathuragiri hills trekking permission 2024

Generally people who climb the mountain (trekking) must carry water, food and bread in advance. Because sathuragiri has hills it takes 5 to 6 hours to darshikha (climb the hill). It varies depending on their health condition. The shopkeepers on sathuragiri hill pay a high salary and carry the goods to the top and run the shops. So the cost of those materials will be 2 times higher. So it is better for you to buy water and snacks in advance. You can’t talk on the phone because there is no signal above. Be sure to carry a torch light. Because climbing sathuragiri hill is definitely timed. This will help you if it is night when you are climbing or descending a mountain.

Sathuragiri temple opening dates 2023 today

Chaturagiri Hill usually allows devotees to climb the hill and visit Lord Shiva for 4 to 8 days per month as mentioned earlier. But if it rains when you go you will not be allowed. So know well before going to Chaturagiri.

Sathuragiri Hills allowed dates

As mentioned earlier 4 to 8 days per month permit is given. Permission is given for Chathuragiri hill darshan only for 4 days on new moon and 4 days on full moon.

Sathuragiri temple contact number

Sathuragiri template landline number is 4563-288155. Email is :[email protected]

Sathuragiri opening date February 2024

Chaturagiri Hill is expected to be given permission for 8 days in the month of February this year (2024).

Sathuragiri temple official website

Sathuragiri hills walking distance

There are no vehicular facilities to climb the Chathuragiri hill. Because the Chaturagiri hill is a rugged road. Devotees can visit Swami on foot.

Sathuragiri Temple Opening Dates 2024

In this year 2024, it is expected that more days will be allowed to visit the Chathuragiri Sandalwood Mahalingam in March as Shivratri falls in that month.

Sathuragiri hills trekking time

If permission is granted for Chathuragiri hill darshan then Lord Shiva can be visited only after climbing the hill 7 km from the bottom.

Sathuragiri opening date 2024

8 days per month permit is issued every year to climb Chathuragiri hill. In particular, a total of 8 days are given in a month, 4 days on the new moon day and 4 days on the full moon day. But during rainy season permission will not be given depending on rain.

Sathuragiri hills distance

To visit Lord Shiva on top of Chaturagiri hill we can climb 7 km hill to see sandana mahalingam.

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