velliangiri hills open date 2024 | 2024 ஆண்டிற்கான வெள்ளியங்கிரி மலை அனுமதி எப்போது?

Velliyangiri trekking open date in 2024

Usually one can see Lord Shiva only after climbing 7 hills to visit Lord Shiva in Velliangiri Hill. However, it is only for 4 months in a year that the devotees are allowed to climb the Velliangiri hill. In this situation, the question among the people is when the permission is given for the Velliangiri hill darshan for this year (2024). ( 2024 velliyangiri hill open date )

2024 velliyangiri Malai open date?

2024 When is the permission to climb Velliangiri Hill?

Velliangiri hill is allowed only for 4 months in a year, starting from Shivratri of that year and till May of that year (for example, if Shivratri falls in February, total of 4 months till May), the permission to climb the mountain is given to the devotees. Similarly, information has been released that the permission for this year’s Velliangiri trek is going to be given on Shivratri (March 8, 2024). But according to some people, the permission to climb Velliangiri mountain for 2024 is going to start in the second week of February. Be that as it may, it brings happiness among the devotees to visit Lord Shiva in 1 month.

Dos and Don’ts when climbing Velliangiri Hill

velliangiri open date 2024 in tamil

Generally people who climb the mountain (trekking) must carry water, food and bread in advance. Because Velliangiri hill consists of 7 hills, it takes 5 to 6 hours to visit Lord Shiva (to climb the hill). It varies depending on their health condition. The shop keepers on Velliangiri hill pay a high salary and carry the goods up and run the shops. So the cost of those materials will be 2 times higher. So it is better for you to buy water and snacks in advance. You can’t talk on the phone because there is no signal above. Be sure to carry a torch light. Because climbing the Velliangiri hill is definitely timed. This will help you if it is night when you are climbing or descending a mountain. Velliyangiri open date in 2024.

How to reach Velliangiri Hill?

Devotees not only from Tamil Nadu but also from other places are crossing 7 mountains to visit Lord Velliangiri and receiving the blessings of Lord Shiva. Well, wherever you are, reach Coimbatore railway station by train. Then board a bus from Coimbatore Railway Station to Gandhipuram bus stand. Then from Gandhipuram Bus Stand reach Poondi Hills or Isa Yoga Training Center. From there you can reach Velliangiri hill Adiwat on foot or by auto. Don’t forget that we have already provided things for the devotees to take away.

the velliyangiri open date is February 12 to march 8 confirmed ( it’s officially announced)

Vellingiri open date 2024

Not velliyangiri open date is officially announced . But it’s normally open Feb 2nd week to march 8 .

Velliangiri hills open or closed

yes its temporary closed . After March 8 confirm opened.

வெள்ளியங்கிரி மலை ஏறும் நாட்கள்

பொதுவாக மலை ஏறுவதற்கு 4 மாதங்களுக்கு அனுமதி உண்டு.

Is Velliangiri hills open tomorrow

no, the velliyangiri not opened still now.

Is Velliangiri hills open today

Yes Velliyangiri opened . Because wild animals reason velliyangiri trekking allowed today (12.02.2024).

Velliangiri temple opening date 2024 in tamil

velliangiri allowed date is February 12 to may month end.

When should I visit Velliangiri?

You visit velliyangiri hills on February 12 confirm . Because velliyangiri trekking allowed after mahasivaratri (march 8).

Is the Velliangiri Temple allowed?

no , the velliyangiri is not open still now .but after March 8 confirmed open.

Can we climb Velliangiri Hills?

Yes, the velliyangiri hills climbing is open after 8th March.

Can we stay at night in Velliangiri Hills?

yes you stay velliyangiri at night . But you must have bed sheets.

What are the open months for Velliangiri?

the velliyangiri open start on March 8 confirm.

How many kilometers is the Velliangiri 7 hills?

velliangiri trekking start point to end totally 5 to 7 kilometers.

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